The Perfect Leather Pants.

Okay so, here is my first official fashion blog post, and i’m dedicating this one to: leather pants. What else? I don’t know about you (although id like to hear from you), but leather pants are one of my all time favorite items to own. 

I think I bought my first pair of leather pants when I was around 16, a plastic Topshop pair for £38 with a zip up the side. Everyone went wild. They were, without a doubt, the most borrowed, on-loan, stolen item of clothing I owned. Whether it was for a night out in our local town or a work party I never had a chance to wear them myself. They were even on the costume rail for ‘Sandy’ in our high school production of Grease! Anyway, 4 years later I finally let go, chucked them out and searched for a new pair. 

Being a student I haven’t exactly got the best budget, so I was looking for something around the £45 mark to replace these alleged pants. After fawning over the real leather £288 pants in All Saints for months on end, I got a grip and managed to find a really great pair of high-waisted leather-look leggings from American Apparel for £35. 

Don’t be offended, they are tiny sizes. I spend a good 15 minutes struggling in the changing room with the help of a shop girl trying to get the size Small past my hips. But the end outcome was great, and I teamed it up a cute American Apparel red crop top for a night out last Monday!

Hopefully next blog post tomorrow, 



Cotton Spandex Sleeveless Turtleneck Crop Top in Red: American Apparel


Me loving life way too much last Monday!


Glossy Nylon Tricot High-Waist Leggings in Black: American Apparel


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