It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Timberlands!

So, this is definitely one of my favorite upcoming trends for this summer: Timberlands. I bought mine back in November just as a casual shoe to keep me going through winter but now it seems as if everyone is jumping on the Timberland bandwagon. Personally, the price initially put me off. BUT. If you are lucky enough to be a size uk6 and under then you can grab the Timberland Classic Boot from the Junior 9-13years section for an amazing £75! I did this, as the women’s shoes are £160 and they fit just like a regular size 6 would. My flatmate opted for the darker brown leather style this Christmas but unfortunately couldn’t get them in kids sizes. However, both of our shoes are exactly the same size!

 I think these look great, whether its for a walk along the beach (as shown below) or just a comfortable walk around town. My next colour will defintely be the Classic Boot in black, which you can get from Office Shoes for £160. I think they will look great in the summer bare legged with cute socks and denim shorts! What do you think?

Next post tomorrow, SamanthaSxx


cute summer combo


Walk along the beach in my bargain Timbs!



My flatmate’s darker brown leather Classic Boot and my (a bit battered) Classic coloured Timberland Boot in Junior size 6!



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