Le Petite Purse

The must-have mini handbag is definitely one of the top trends for Spring/Summer 2014! The dramatic downsize seems to have splattered the pages of Vogue’s UK March issue and my favorite has to be ‘The Mini Ricky’ by Ralph Lauren. Who doesn’t want the perfect purse to complete a killer outfit? Sometimes the classic clutch or simple shoulder bag can get a bit repetitive! But these mini handbags are a great change to the regular boring small bag! Jessica Alba is seen rocking ‘The Mini Ricky’ in a deep purple whilst Vogue keeps it classy in a dashing red!

But if you can’t afford the pricey tags on Ralph Lauren (much like myself) check out Zara’s ‘Mini City Bags’ which I am absolutely going to purchase for a reasonable £39.99! They come in both baby pink and baby blue, perfect for spring! Go get them while they last!




Zara Mini City Bag in Blue £39.99


Zara Mini City Bag in Pink £39.99


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