The Shift Dress

Definitely one of the trends that is seeming to become more popular by the day! Personally, I never thought I could wear a shift dress. My waist is a lot smaller than my hips therefore they usually hang unflatteringly from my chest. However, I tried on my housemates green Topshop strappy shift and thought hmm, maybe I could wear these. A week later, I now have two and really want to buy a third!!

Topshop and River Island are displaying loooads of these dresses right now, however Missguided have lots of pretty ones for well under £25! Ill post both of the ones i’ve purchased below, which of course are both black. I really want to get the Missguided one in baby blue, however there are no size 6’s left! Sob sob! 

If you notice they come back in stock: TELL ME.



Ponika Shift Swing Dress: Missguided (one I would like in blue!!)


Black Strap Slip Dress: Topshop



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