Spring Prints

 The spring season is finally approaching, and I can’t be more excited about it! FINALLY we can leave the house without a jacket (I’m targeting all UK residents here!). After visiting London last week I took full advantage of being in the southern heat and braved bare legs, spring colours and most of all fawned over the spring prints!

 I had only been off my arriving train 10 minutes and my mum and I were already in American Apparel, (not even the proper shop either, the small one in Kings Cross that is the size of large box!). Of course, I bought something. Living in the North you don’t get the luxury of having actual American Apparel stores.. 

 They have the most amazing spring prints in at the moment, if you haven’t already looked, you NEED to. I settled on a cute tight cropped tee in a pink ditzy print although i was really drawn to the flamingoes and big sunflower shirts. I also added on the matching scrunchie to my top as you can never go wrong with a scrunchie (future post definitely being made about them!). 

 I also advise everyone to follow the americanapparel Instagram account as the regularly show you outfit combinations and how to wear all their spring line!

Hope you enjoy the spring print photos!! 



Rayon Mid-Length Tie-Up Blouse in Sunflower


Rayon Mid-Length Tie-Up Blouse in Floral


Cotton Scrunchie in Sunflower


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