Get Naked’d!

 For a change, this post is dedicated to Beauty. If I get positive comments then i’ll probably write a few more, after all, my list of pending makeup purchases is never ending…

 If you haven’t already heard of Urban Decay, then I hope this post helps to enrich your life in the same way mine was when I first heard about them!! I’d walked past the counter countless times when in Debenhams or John Lewis and never once stopped at Urban Decay. They aren’t the leading popular brand for young girls compared to more affordable MAC, or well known Chanel.. But now I’ve a taste of their amazing cosmetics I am never turning back. 

 I present to you, the Naked Eye-Shadow Palates. They come in 3 amazing full flourished colour palates, Naked, Naked2 and Naked3. Each have a pretty display of natural and neutral colours and a few glittery shadows to brave at a night-time do. My friend Emily used the Naked2 palate on me, which is later what I purchased for myself. They really are beautiful shades, and gives you a natural look which is what I personally go for. 

 However, now I’ve been blessed with Naked2, Naked3 is reeeeally catching my eye. It will definitely have to wait though as each palate will set you back £37.00. On the plus side, you do get 4 free samples of their eye-shadow primers, each one lasting about 2 weeks if used in proportion. 

 Get them while you can and have glossy glistening lids forever more!



Naked Palate


Naked2 Palate


Naked2 Palate


Naked3 Palate


Naked3 Palate



myself, using the Naked2 palate for a natural look x


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